Healthcare in YOUR Hands

The Ultimate Pre-Pricing Tool for Patients and Providers

What is RelyOn Health?

RelyOn Health brings consumerism and pricing transparency to healthcare. The days of unknown healthcare costs for your patients (and you) for services you’re ordering are now gone. Know the Patient Responsible portion of payments needed BEFORE you deliver and give your care away. With RelyOn Health, you can stop turning your Doctor-Patient relationship into a Debtor-Debt Collector relationship and chasing payments after the fact for payments that are due. Patients will now be able to know the cost of their healthcare encounter (office visit, ancillary test, procedure, surgery, etc.) prior to agreeing to undergo the healthcare event. And, that’s great for both patients and you!

Why is RelyOn Health great for your healthcare practice or facility?

Improve patient responsibility collections

Patients know the cost of the procedure and pay upfront or utilize a payment plan, so you won’t have to go to collections or write off trailing Accounts Receivable as often.

Increase pace of revenue receipt

Since patients know the cost prior to the procedure and select a payment option or financing option in RelyOn platform, you are paid the full amount of patient co-pays, deductibles, and plan-required payments on the date of service, not months later.

Improve service utilization

Patients may be more willing to utilize the services offered because they will know the cost of the service. Additionally, you and the patient will decide with this information whether or not to book the requested service. This will decrease your No-Show rates on your appointment slots and make your clinic utilization increase with patients able to actually pay their bills on time.

Improve trust with patient

By understanding the cost of any healthcare event, patients won’t feel the distrust that comes with later realizing a high cost of service. Pricing transparency deepens trust and loyalty between the healthcare entity and the patient. No more chasing patients for payments like a debt collection agency.

Improve transparency in billing

Patients no longer will feel blind-sided and unsure of costs. No more ‘surprise medical bills’ from you as they will now understand cost when deciding to undergo a procedure.

Reduce bad patient debt

RelyOn Health can reduce up to 25% of your current bad patient debt account receivable write-offs in your facility or practice.

Why is RelyOn Health great for consumers?

Patients have the power

Patients know the cost of the office visit, test, procedure, or surgery being planned for them or a family member, and they decide if they want to have it done and where they want to have it done.

Patients know the cost

RelyOn puts the power in the patient’s hands by showing the actual cost of the healthcare event after insurance.

Patients select the payment

RelyOn gives multiple payment options and even allows for payment plans or medical care financing directly in the application – so, patients can control their costs and get the medical care they need.

Are you ready to see how RelyOn Health will work for you?

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