About Us

About Us

Connecting the right people to the right information at the right time.

RelyOn Health was created to bring consumerism and transparency to the healthcare industry.

No other industry operates like the healthcare industry for billing. Your patient’s healthcare costs shouldn’t be a mystery, to them or you. You wouldn’t walk into the store, select a TV, and then find out how much it costs 90 days after you get home. You find out the cost prior to making the decision to purchase, and then decide if you actually want it or not.

Healthcare should be the same way.

And, with RelyOn Health, it is.

Meet the Team

Meet the team behind RelyOn Health:

Blake Squires

Blake Squires is a career entrepreneur whose strengths lie in creating strong teams, brands, and products for which he has gained notoriety from the likes of Forbes, Time, and Inc.

Heather Kramer

Heather Kramer is the head of marketing for RelyOn Health and is an expert in crafting marketing solutions with her strong digital marketing, project management, business innovation and strategic consulting skills.

Trey Schroeder

Trey Schroeder has the vision and experience that has lead to the growth of multiple successful practices across the United States. Trey brought his vision and medical experience to the RelyOn Health team.

Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis is an expert in building web-based technology for businesses in the medical industry. His experience with technology paired with his knowledge of the medical field makes him a great asset to the RelyOn Health team.


Mark Wines

Mark Wines brought his experience in the financial healthcare industry as well as his business advice and strategic planning abilities to benefit the RelyOn team.

Dr. Jaryd Stein, M.D.

Jaryd Stein brought his experience in the medical field to the RelyOn Health team. With a background in a few different medical areas, his experience was highly regarded.

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