No healthcare provider wants to be a debt collector.

All healthcare providers want to get paid for the work they are doing. RelyOn Health helps with that.

So, how does RelyOn Health do it?

RelyOn Health provides upfront patient insurance transparency and lets them know what they would owe for a clinic visit, medical test, a specific medical device, or a surgical procedure. Our platform uses the ordered specific CPT, HCPCS , or E/M codes along with provider NPI to ping the insurance carrier with all required information and within seconds returns to you and the patient what is owed by patient for the requested care.

With this data, RelyOn Health can then collect the co-pay, deductible, or out-of-pocket required cost portion from the patient. For those that cannot pay immediately in the application with a credit card or online debit transfer, we can connect the patient via a text link to their phone with several payment planning, financing, and scheduling options. Once payment is confirmed or planned in the patient-friendly UI, the RelyOn platform rules can trigger notices to the appropriate clinic or center, schedule an appointment or event, or prepare for shipping of an ordered medical product.

What makes RelyOn Health great?

It integrates orders and medical codes with patient-specific insurance information

To provide an accurate cost to patients, RelyOn Health integrates medical codes and insurance information. When patients know the cost of the planned event or procedure, depending on medical acuity, they can better decide if they would like to undergo the procedure or not. Then, patients will decide how they will pay for the procedure given the options that they have, and you can schedule the healthcare event at the next most appropriate time knowing you will receive full payment from the patient on the date of service.

It was built for simple workflow adjustments, modifications, and overall customer implementation

It provides the patients with alternative payment solutions

When patients elect to undergo an elective procedure, they will receive different payment options including the possibility of a payment plan or financing of their portion of the medical care not covered by their plan.

It helps healthcare providers get paid

Because patients pay upfront directly or utilize a payment plan, healthcare providers are getting paid on the date of service delivery. No more waiting or wondering what the after-insurance balance will be – you and the patient know ahead of time, and you get paid!

It prevents last-minute cancellations

Because patients know the cost of the procedure and have paid or have set up a payment plan for the procedure prior to the day of the procedure, the instance of last-minute cancellations due to inability to pay can be decreased. In the past, when patients found out the cost of the procedure right before the procedure, they might cancel due to the price. Now, patients know the cost BEFORE SCHEDULING, so there’s no surprise when they receive their bill.

It integrates with your current EMR/EHS, scheduling systems, and billing systems

Since RelyOn Health offers custom solutions, we can integrate the solution with your current EMR/EHS, scheduling systems, and billing systems.

It is connected to over 68,000 payers

Are you ready to improve how you operate with RelyOn Health?

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